In February we celebrated with our Mongolian colleagues their great holiday Cagan Sar (White Moon).

For most of Asia, the new lunar year is a truly extraordinary event. It is said that Cagan Sar is the birth day of all Mongolians, and that from this day onwards all Mongolians are a year older. To celebrate this holiday, Mongolians prepare for weeks: they buy new dél (traditional Mongolian clothing), clean, cook thousands of meat dumplings búz (бууз), prepare gifts and even exchange money for new banknotes at the bank. On the evening before the "first day of the new lunar year", the poor and the rich celebrate Bitun, a gathering of a close-knit family when they say goodbye to the outgoing year and when they have a truly lavish feast. On that day, people usually greet each other with "Well stuffed...". They get up early on the morning of the first day, dress in festive clothes, the women make tea, and the men go out to perform their sacred rites and sacrifices of the new year. At sunrise they greet each other with the New Year's greeting Zolgoch and for several days they visit, feast and give gifts to each other. The focus is on the elders, to whom respect is shown and from whom wisdom and experience is drawn. On those days, the greeting also changes from the usual Sayan bayno to Sayan shinil zeyno (Happy New Year).

Other language versions of the recipe here:

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