Quality politics

The company’s quality policy is an important tool of the company’s management.
It is based on a company-wide strategy, business visions and provides a framework for setting quality goals. It is based on the fulfilment of the following principles:

  • Realize the quality of provided products and services as one of the main factors of competitive advantage of our company. Satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority and one of the quality criteria.
  • Ensure a high and stable level of quality of products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • The quality and value we provide to our customers are in the hands of all employees of our organization. We work together to deliver products and services with high level of quality. Each of us must constantly improve the quality of our work.
  • Implement and develop a system of continuous education for all employees at all levels in the organization in order to improve their technical and professional skills.
  • Achieve a world-class quality management system and maintain this trend through continuous improvement.
The company defines the main, management and support processes and their interrelationships. All processes and their performance are constantly monitored, regularly evaluated and analyzed. Based on monitoring and analysis, the corrective measures necessary to meet the objectives and for continuous improvement at all levels are implemented in the processes.

What We Care About

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