Milestones of Foxconn in the Czech Republic


The company of Foxconn CZ was established on 18th May 2000 and the production in Pardubice in the premises of the former company of Tesla started.  The start date of first employees was 1st June.


New Hall in Pardubice was constructed and opened (current building P1). The production of desktop computers began, to which the production of workstations, laptops, All-in-Ones, and monitors has been added over the years.


The service division also known as GSSD or FGSD was established focusing on repairs and modernising entire products and individual components for the European market.


The new division CNSBG (currently G Group) was established and the production of routers, switches, telepresence systems, and rack servers was launched.


The services of the GSSD / FGSD service division were extended by the assembly and distribution of computer accessories for internal and external customers. In subsequent years, the division has expanded to more than 400 current employees. It currently provides support to 12 internal and external companies that are leaders in their sectors.


The logistics centre of Global Logistics Solutions in Pardubice was open (currently Jusda Europe).


The production in the division of CESBG (currently F Group) started in Pardubice.


The construction of a new Foxconn plant in Kutná Hora began.


  • The production in the new built plant in Kutná Hora started.
  • The production of optical switches was launched within the current G Group.


  • The division of CESBG (currently F Group) moved from Pardubice to Kutná Hora where it has been operating to this day.
  • Foxconn won the 2nd place in the Exporter of the Year competition, organized by the Czech Chamber of Commerce. Our company has retained this position until now.


Within CESBG in Kutná Hora, the RVC division producing servers initiated its activities.


Our company gained the ISO 14001 environmental certificate and also the OHSAS 18001 occupational safety certification. Both of these documents confirmed Foxconn's efforts to protect the environment and the health and safety of its employees at work.


  • The mechanical division of L5 (NEW) joins the current G Group which has been operat-ing in the Pardubice plant since 2000. It deals with the production of metal chassis and plastic elements. It manufactures network switches and routers, servers, wireless access points, telepresence, central network storages, etc.
  • Foxconn was awarded the Best Employer of the Year of the Pardubice Region for the first time. Moreover, it has been able to defend this position every year since 2015. Since 2016, Foxconn has been regularly ranked in the top five best employers in the Czech Republic.


  • A warehouse of Global Logistics Solutions (currently Jusda Europe) was open in Kutná Hora.
  • A new era of waste sorting was initiated with an emphasis on efficiency. Waste bins are dressed in blue, yellow, and green for the first time. Thanks to this step, municipal waste was reduced by 4% of the total volume.
  • A motherboard repair centre (RSC) was established in the Kutná Hora plant.
  • Foxconn has started to place among the top six companies in the Czech TOP 100 competition, which is a list compiled by the sales achieved in the previous year.


  • The company donates an important symbol of the Czechoslovak resistance movement - the Pardubice Zámeček Memorial, also called Larisch's Villa - to the Czechoslovak Legionary Community.
  • Within the current G Group (L5), the construction of a powder painting shop began.
  • The first FoxFestival took place - a big event for employees and the public which has been held every year at the Kutná Hora swimming pool since this year.


  • The operation of SafeDX data centre started.
  • The production of fast large-capacity data storages at G Group started. The so-called Flash Arrays are mainly produced here for data centres and customers who need to read and write data quickly.
  • The Foxconn BeFit café and fitness centre on the ground floor of the Zámeček building was open. The modern premises are used by our employees and the public.


Our product portfolio has expanded with medical devices. D Group launches its successful production of oxygen concentrators.


  • Transfer of D Group under the entity of Foxconn European Manufacturing Services, G Group under the entity of Foxconn CZ, F Group under the entity of Foxconn Technology CZ, and central departments under the entity of Global Services Solutions.
  • The production of server cabinet systems (racks) for another customer started in Kutná Hora.
  • The production of servers and racks in Kutná Hora was undergoing a transformation. In July, a new Regional Services Provider (RSP) division was created by merging the original RVC and CZ16 divisions.
  • For the first time, the X-Day competition took place, through which Foxconn provides financial support to charitable projects or individuals in need.


FoxFestival expanded from Kutná Hora to Pardubice. The employee day at the race-course was complemented by an evening concert for employees and the public. This event has a charitable merit as the entrance fee collected from the public went to charity.


Foxconn is celebrating 20 years in the Czech Republic and at the same time experiencing a coronavirus pandemic together with the rest of the world. Even in these challenging times, the company proves that it is a responsible employer and a good neighbour.


  • Division D is starting successful production of printers in Pardubice.
  • The foundations of the new hall for Division F have been laid in Kutná Hora.
  • For the first time, we have been looking for Foxconn Stars, or those who put something extra into their work.
  • We have organized a two-day Street Food Festival for employees of all divisions in Kutná Hora and Pardubice.
  • Foxconn in the Czech Republic is, together with the rest of the world, experiencing a coronavirus pandemic again.


Foxconn has become 2nd BEST EMPLOYER OF THE DECADE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC in the category of 500 to 5,000 employees

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