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Foxconn Group companies are among the largest manufacturers of information technology equipment in the world. They are aware of the importance of their role in the market and the resulting responsibility towards the community and their employees. For these purposes they have jointly developed and implemented, while using their best knowledge and experience, a unified management system for labour relations, health and safety at work, environmental protection, ethics, and business continuity. The main principles and obligations of the integrated management system of Foxconn Group companies are described in the SER Policy.

As part of improving our compliance with the requirements of the SER program, we are gradually introducing new elements within the international standards of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. All requirements have been jointly implemented across all Foxconn Group companies in the Czech Republic and an integrated Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Management System (HSEMS) was created.

In recent years, the requirements of the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct have become part of the qualification requirements of our suppliers as well. Foxconn has established Substance Policy, which provides suppliers with information on the environmental requirements of the product. The fulfillment of this policy is confirmed by the suppliers by signing declarations.