Our vision and values

We want to be the world leader in production and supply chain management by providing great experience to our employees, customers, and partners.

The pillars that we stand on

In addition to the mission and vision, each company has defined values that reflect the main principles and rules of the organization. They show HOW the company fulfils its mission and vision. Foxconn has selected the following four values:

Develop technology

Although our employees need different technologies for their work, they have one thing in common. It must be at the highest level. Only in this manner, we can be more effective in implementing automation, digitization, and business intelligence processes. Thanks to this, we will simplify production processes on the line and repetitive office tasks, eliminate unnecessary administration, speed up approval processes, and enable to process a variety of data in order to make better decisions.

Develop processes

Customer requirements constantly evolve. In order to protect our margin and our own competitiveness, we must continuously seek ways to improve efficiency in all areas of our business. We eliminate unnecessary steps in individual processes, which brings many benefits not only for our customers but also for us. However, we must always ensure that changes are beneficial to both parties.

Develop citizenship

We strive to be a good neighbour and part of the society in which we operate. Therefore, we want to make a positive contribution to the cities and regions where our plants are located.  We will continue to behave responsibly to the environment and take the initiative to reduce our carbon footprint. We will seek sustainable solutions and develop strong partnerships with local associations, schools, and organizations.

Develop people

We all want to know that we have the opportunity to grow.  Individual development of employees is therefore an indispensable part of work motivation. If we want to maintain our position of the world leader, we must have competent and capable employees. Only motivated employees can move us forward. We all need to look for new challenges and improve our skills. The task of team leaders, managers, and directors is therefore to seek out talent and develop the potential of us all.

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