Rules for negotiations of the agreements or orders

These rules will govern conclusion of Contractual relationships including its changes by FOXCONN CZ s.r.o., Foxconn European Manufacturing Services s.r.o., GLOBAL SERVICES SOLUTIONS s.r.o., Foxconn Europe Digital Solutions s.r.o., Foxconn Technology CZ s.r.o., TradeDX s.r.o., VaultDX s.r.o., Foxconn 4Tech s.r.o., Foxconn DRC s.r.o., SafeDX s.r.o., FITA Energy Solutions a.s., Foxteq CZ s.r.o. (each referred to as the “Company”):

1. The comprehensiveness of the contracting process

The Company has complex system of management. Therefore, the process to conclude a contract or to approve a purchase order typically includes the following phases: selection of a contractor, negotiation of conditions for cooperation, negotiation of the contract, the contract is presented for comments to superiors, key departments, legal advisors and tax advisors, definitive signing of the finally agreed contract or issuance of the purchase order by a person so authorised.

The Company reserves the right to propose changes to the negotiated draft of the contract or the purchase order at any time during the contracting process, including the right to withdraw from further negotiations without giving any reason. Should the Company withdraw from the contracting process or should the Company’s Director refuse to sign the already agreed draft of the contract, the Parties to contract will not consider this as acting in bad faith or dishonest act and the Company shall bear no liability.

2. Persons authorised to conclude contracts

Any and all contracts and/or purchase orders to which the Company is a contracting party must be concluded in writing and always signed by an authorised person being:

a) The Executive Director,

b) Another person authorised to sign the contract on the basis of a written power-of-attorney,

c) In case of purchase orders – person authorised to approve purchase orders as listed on the Company’s website in the section for contractors -

No other persons are entitled to conclude contractual relationship on behalf of the Company. The contracting partner shall verify if the person contracting with him on behalf of the Company is any of the persons stated in this article. In case of acting on basis of power of attorney (see (b) above), the contracting partner shall verify the scope of such power as well.

3. Exclusion of the conclusion of a contractual relationship via e-mail correspondence

The Company will conclude the contract only after all terms are agreed and clarified. The possibility of concluding a mutual contractual relationship only via e-mail or orally, including silent acceptance of the contract proposal is excluded. Response with additions or derogation of the elements of an offer does not constitute acceptance of such offer. A contractual relationship may only be concluded on the basis of either (i) the purchase order duly issued and signed on the behalf of the Company (see Article 2 above) and co-signed by the Contractor or (ii) a duly and properly signed written contract.

4. Tendering process

If contracting negotiations were preceded by tendering process, any and all quantities, volumes, contract term and other conditions as stated by the Company in the documentation for the tendering process represent only a non-binding estimation. The Contractor is not entitled to any enforceable right against the Company following from its participation in the tendering process. No documentation or information distributed in connection with the tendering process will be taken into account in the interpretation of any such contract.

In case that any Contractor does not agree with application of any of the aforementioned rules to negotiation of the contractual relationship with the Company, including its changes, the Contractor shall notify the Company accordingly. Both parties will then agree on the mutually acceptable rule.

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