In this section we would like to ask you to send us any questions, suggestions, inquiries, comments, complaints or grievances that you might have in connection with activities of Foxconn Group in the Czech Republic. It does not matter if you are an employee of any company of Foxconn Group, an employee of one of our suppliers, a jobseeker or a public representative.

Anybody has the right to contact us and any information provided by you shall be used in order to reveal and remedy possible deficiencies (including ensuring fair working conditions for everybody).
  • We always welcome feedback because it helps us improve. That is the reason why we are addressing you in order to set up the best possible system to prevent problem situations and unfair treatment, which is impossible without your direct participation. We will be very pleased if you contact us directly in such cases so that we can investigate everything immediately and take corrective actions. We always guarantee the confidentiality, anonymity, and protection of whistle blowers, unless prohibited by legislation.
  • Of course you also have the right to submit your inquiries, comments, or complaints/grievances directly to a representative of the Trade Union or to relevant authorities but in such cases we lose a lot of time to find a solution. Thus, we prefer if you contact us directly by means of the below mentioned form or to the following address Information provided in the contact form or sent to the abovementioned e-mail address will be forwarded to our Compliance Office for the resolution.

Why do we address employees of our suppliers and the public as well?

  • In 2004 we implemented the programme of Social and Environmental Responsibility (S.E.R.) which is related not only to our operations and activities within the local community, but also to the activities of our suppliers. We demand our suppliers to meet the same requirements as we do in order to ensure the best possible working conditions not only for our employees but also for employees of our suppliers.
  • At the same time we insist that our activities do not negatively affect the surrounding environment and the community where we operate, on the contrary, we want to be a good employer and a good neighbour. So, if you have any suggestion for improvement, inquiry (incl. information on illegal activities), complaint or grievance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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