Employer of the Year, the most prestigious competition for employers in the Czech Republic, has announced its winners in the regional rounds. On Thursday, May 18th, representatives of the organizing body, the Employers' Club, and the main partner, Sodexo Benefits, met with representatives of the winning companies from the Hradec Králové and Pardubice regions. The ceremonial awarding took place at the Tereziánský dvůr Hotel in Hradec Králové.

During the ceremony, we asked the HR Director of Foxconn Czech Republic, Ladislav Matašovič, about the values, activities, and tools that contribute the most to your success as an employer in recruiting employees in a demanding job market. "In the HR field, professionalism, transparency, open communication, and continuous improvement are important to us. We strive to create an environment where employees' opinions and ideas are heard. We involve them and regularly ask about their appreciation at work, what can be improved, and what the corporate environment should be like for them to feel comfortable. There must be equality between what we advertise, how we present ourselves externally, and how things actually work here. Well-developed recruitment campaigns, effective work on social media, and quality advertising are only part of the success. The second part lies in the real experiences of our employees. One of the most effective recruitment tools is our referral program, where the real experience of our employees, combined with the work of our recruiters, helps succeed in recruitment in the current competitive job market."

"Foxconn Czech Republic is the Sodexo Employer of the Year 2023 in the category of up to 5,000 employees. We also receive the title of Canteen of the Year 2023. It's great that we have been able to defend both awards from last year," said Pavel Kožený, PR and Communication Manager of Foxconn Czech Republic.

Employer of the Year according to the Saratoga methodology

Employer of the Year has been focusing on companies in the Czech Republic from the perspective of human resources for 20 years. Its purpose is to present examples of companies with excellent approaches to their employees, both nationally and in individual regions. In addition to economic indicators, a company's value is determined by its approach to its employees. Corporate culture creates the level of the business environment and the atmosphere within the company. The companies that succeed in the evaluation share several common characteristics, such as investing more in employee education and development and providing greater opportunities for career growth. The evaluation is conducted using the globally recognized Saratoga methodology from PwC. Employer of the Year recognizes large companies with over 5,000 employees that can maintain a pleasant working environment and provide their employees with the best possible conditions for their work, despite their size. In this elite category, the main players of the Czech economy compete.

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