In 2018, Foxconn introduced the charity event called X-Day, a three-round competition in which the best projects competed together in the finals. The only criterion for submitting the application was that the project was related to Pardubice region or Kutná Hora region, as the main regions of Foxconn. Our company distributed more than 400 thousand crowns among the winners.

We are very pleased that, thanks to our contribution, a number of amazing projects and events have been implemented or at least partially supported, both individuals and non-profit organizations. There is no space on these pages to list all the great activities, so we list at least some of them.

Let’s talk together

The project Spolu se domluvíme from the Tamtam Children’s Hearing Center was also a success in Pardubice. This project won CZK 60,000 in the competition and invested them in a weekend stay for families with children under 18, of which one of the family members has a hearing impairment. The stay took place in early March and provided families with a varied program. Together they could enjoy discussions, development of communication Olympiad, relaxation and many other fun activities.

Chairs for grandiose fun

One of the winners was the Grandiózní Kulturáček in OC Grand in Pardubice, which was entered into the competition by our employee Václav Mareček. He earned CZK 5,000 for his participation and used the money to buy 10 pieces of quality metal upholstered chairs. Now the visitors of Kulturáček no longer have to worry that the chairs will break under them, as this was the case with the original plastic chairs. "We are a group of enthusiasts that aims to offer all age categories an interesting use of free time in the Pardubice region in the form of sports, cultural and educational events. All these activities are open to the general public and anyone can join, individuals or groups," explains Václav Mareček.

Two wild cards also emerged from the competition, which were pushed into the finals by people on social networks with their affection. Radka Chmelařová, from Pardubice, received a wild card with the project Národní dechový orchestr  – a representation of Czech music and the region at the world conference. In the Kutná Hora region, Silvie Pavlíčková Vajglová received it with the project Liga na ochranu zvářat Kutná Hora.

Monoski for a wheel chair user colleague

Martina Opavová and her project Monoski for wheelchair user colleague appealed to the jury and the management of our company so much that the jury has decided to support him with the amount of CZK 100,000 beyond the competition. If you are interested in the details, do not hesitate to read the interview with Honza Strcula on Facebook in the Notes section on our Foxconn Czech Republic profile.

Training kitchen equipment

Rodinné Integrační Centrum z. s., used the received funds to purchase equipment for a training kitchen for clients of social rehabilitation services for people with ASD (autism spectrum disorders) and social activation services for families with children with ASD in Pardubice. About 20 clients and families with children with this disorder showed interest in cooking exercises.

Šíša Cup

Radek Hruška from Kutná Hora region won a total of 48 thousand crowns with his project Šíša Cup. The money raised from the tournament will go to Nikolka at the age of 18, whose father died of epilepsy. Šíša Cup is a charity hockey tournament that takes place in Kutná Hora. The organizer of the competition, Radek Hruška, was excited about last year. "I was surprised by the interest of the children and it seemed that they were having fun and that it made sense to take care of the youth.  A beautiful amount was raised from the auction, and thanks to that, we obtained funds for Šišulka to start adult life, " the organizer revealed.

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