It was on the grounds of the Kutná Hora Gallery that the symbolic handover of ozone generators took place on Wednesday, 5th May. "As a gift for the newly established vaccination centre, we build on the previous gift of ten ozonators for the Central Bohemian ambulance and the hospital. The ozonators served during the peak of the pandemic and proved very useful to health professionals. Although the epidemic slows down and slowly subsides, similar facilities for disinfecting areas with a large accumulation of people, or medical equipment and devices will continue to serve," commented Pavel Kožený, PR and Communication manager at Foxconn. 

Ozone is an unstable gas heavier than air. It has a high oxidation potential and can oxidize and disinfect a wide range of water and air pollutants. It works against fungi, bacteria and viruses. However, because it rapidly decomposes spontaneously to oxygen, it cannot be stored and must prepared on site in ozone generators.

„A year ago, we received the first generators from Foxconn. At the time, we had no idea that due to the ongoing pandemic and the expansions of workplaces, we would welcome further assistance in the form of twenty new devices. It is just a proof of good and long-term cooperation," said Petr Geřábek, Director of the hospital Kutná Hora.

In addition to the purchases of generators, Foxconn helped the Barbora Home at the end of last year with the purchase of a thermal camera for the protection of clients and staff, Foxconn has been long involved in the transport of medical supplies and, at the time of the greatest shortage of medical supplies, donated several thousand respirators to several facilities. 

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