Individuals and groups, all looking for the means to realize their dreams, need only register at the Foxconn X-DAY web address from 15th September to 15th October and then pass through the network of the two-round competition. The only criteria that charitable, sporting, community or any other projects have to meet is their contribution to Pardubice or Kutná Hora.

Foxconn X-DAY is the largest charity event in both regions and its rules are the same as in previous years. In the first round of the competition, Foxconn employees will select eleven finalists twice. In the second round, in early November, the contestants themselves will publicly defend their projects before juries that will seat the personalities of both regions. Foxconn will then distribute 200,000 CZK in each of the regions. New this year is the X-DAY Junior category, in which pupils and students from primary, secondary and university schools supported by Foxconn in both regions will compete for twice 30,000 CZK.

"This year we are coming up with an innovation for student projects, which are a separate category and therefore we are increasing the budget for X-DAY 2021,“ comments X-DAY Pavel Kožený, PR and Communication Manager of Foxconn Czech Republic. "We want to be a good neighbor and support those groups and individuals who are trying to make both places: Pardubice and Kutna Hora, a better place to live. That we are serious was confirmed by last year's X-DAY, which we brought to a successful conclusion through the difficulties caused by the pandemic. We therefore once again invite all those who seek support and resources for their efforts not to hesitate to register."

In the previous three years, more than 200 projects entered the Foxconn X-DAY competition and Foxconn distributed more than one million crowns to groups and individuals.

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