Good neighbours. The project was created by the joint efforts of Foxconn and ERA

At the end of February 2021, a contract was signed with ERA, which owned the land of the former Foxconn car park (Zámeček west). Era, on the other hand, built a new modern car park for Foxconn employees at its own expense. The result of this cooperation between the two companies is an improvement of conditions for all employees who commute to work in their own cars, both to Foxconn or to ERA.

"I would like to thank ERA and the staff of both companies for making this project a reality," said Allan Keown, Foxconn’s Vice President and CEO of Division G."I think this is an important step in improving the whole area," added Nicky Monaghan, Foxconn’s Vice President and CEO of Division D. "The parking situation here will improve, and in the end everyone around will benefit from this new construction."

"I hope that the car park will serve the needs of the employees and that they will like it. Thank you very much again for this opportunity to work together on this project to create something so great for the employees of both companies," commented Viktor Sotona, CEO of ERA.

The car park is located near the Zámeček Memorial, a building that Foxconn donated to the Czech Legionary Community and later contributed to the establishment of a memorial to the anti-Nazi resistance in this historic building. It is intended for Foxconn employees who work in the near production area. It is guarded and entry will be possible with a special parking card.

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