Zebra can't solve everything for you

The Zebra Patrol performed an educational theatre performance for nearly one thousand five hundred young viewers in primary schools over six days. Enthusiastic actors patiently acted out prepared traffic scenes in twenty-seven performances in which children were actively involved. Together, they always found the right way to cross and discovered what mistake Katka and Ondra from Zebra Patrol made at the crossing. There were practical demonstrations on a pedestrian crossing, which the children immediately started to call zebra correctly, and there were also simulations of collision with a "car" and communication with the driver. But the main topic of the demonstrations was inattention when crossing with headphones on, looking at the mobile phone, emphasis was placed on looking around correctly, and there was a classic in the form of crossing only on the green light! As this was a child audience, the Zebra Patrol actors also had to deal with some tricky questions asked by the excited children. "Letting the audience ask questions, and children's questions at that is always quite risky. At the first performance, a little girl in the first grade asked why our zebra didn't have a head. That would easily confuse any professional," said Ondra from Zebra Patrol with a smile. Groups of two to three classes rotated "like on a conveyor belt" throughout the day. At the end of the 30-minute performance, all the children demonstrated how to cross at a pedestrian crossing. As a reward, they received a practical gift from Foxconn.

Thanks to the Zebra Patrol, pupils from the first to the third grade learned the rules of a safe pedestrian crossing in a fun way. During September, almost one thousand five hundred pupils learned that the zebra could not solve everything for them!

"Watch out, zebra!" campaign for the second time

Zebra Patrol followed up on the successful Watch Out, Zebra! campaign from 2021, when it focused on drivers and safe driving near pedestrian crossings. "This year's campaign took place in September and aimed at first-grade pupils at a time when they had to quickly get used to the school regime. The frequency of crossing the road, especially near schools, has multiplied," said Pavel Kožený, Head of PR and Communications at Foxconn Czech Republic. Foxconn Czech Republic is a socially responsible company that strives to help and improve the lives of all employees, partners, neighbours and the general public. It actively supports the region's development in education, social and health care and helps disadvantaged individuals and groups.

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