Foxconn has donated oxygen concentrators to three hospitals, a foundation, a rehabilitation institute and the Association of Medical Robotics, Telemedicine and Cybernetics in the past few weeks. The devices from our Pardubice factory will now serve patients in the Hospital of the Pardubice Region, in the University Hospital in Královské Vinohrady, in the Central Military University Hospital in Prague, in the REGI Base I Endowment Fund, in Hamz's Luže-Košumberk Medical Institution and in the Artak Association. The device's distributor in the Czech Republic, Lefeen, has also contributed to the donation. Thank you!

Oxygen concentrator significantly improves the independence and quality of lives of people who need a continuous supply of oxygen. Weighing just 2.13 kilograms, the portable device can deliver life-giving gas for more than six hours on a single charge.

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