The fifth year of the X-DAY competition

This year, the fifth year of this charity competition was organized. The finals were preceded by a month-long application call and project collection via the company's website at, through which 55 applicants applied. From the applications received, a jury of company employees then selected 22 finalists, who were invited to make final in-person presentations to a panel of judges of personalities from both regions.

The final rounds of the competition were held on the last weekend of November in Natura Park in Pardubice and at Foxconn's headquarters in Kutná Hora. This year, there were also projects from the X-DAY Junior category, i.e. student projects, from which the best two from both regions were awarded, and both teams took home exactly the amount they were aiming for.

"The quality and diversity of the projects grow every year, and I am extremely pleased with that. The imaginary winner was the project of the association Pestré Polabí, supporting the return of traditional farming to the Bohdaneč region, with the amount of 50,000 CZK for the purchase of three Scottish Highland cattle," said Pavel Kožený, PR and Communications Manager of Foxconn Czech Republic.

Honorary Jury Pardubice

  • Aleš Černohorský, Director of the Fire Brigade of the Pardubice Region
  • Lucie Klementová, spokesperson of the Pardubice Municipal Police
  • Jakub Rychtecký, Deputy Mayor of Pardubice
  • Jana Machová, Manager of Burza filantrope
  • Pavel Kožený, PR and Communications Manager, Foxconn

Honorary Jury Kutná Hora

  • Vendulka Marečková, Prevention Officer of the Police of the Czech Republic Kutná Hora
  • Blanka Matějů, Director of the Territorial Department of the Police of the Czech Republic Kutná Hora
  • Josef Viktora, Deputy Mayor of Kutná Hora
  • Vladimír Střihavka, President of the District Chamber of Commerce
  • Nikola Vašková, Deputy Director of Trebišovská Kindergarten
  • Věra Závorková, competitive swimmer
  • Pavel Kožený, PR and Communications Manager, Foxconn

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