A total of four secondary schools from the Central Bohemia and Pardubice regions took part in the competition. The headmaster of the SOŠ and SOU, Mr. Josef Vavřinec, welcomed the competitors from Kolín, Česká Třebová, VOŠ, SPŠ and JŠ Kutná Hora and of course the representatives of his school.

On the first day, the competition took place on the premises of SOŠ and SOU of Crafts Kutná Hora, where the contestants had to pass a knowledge test. The test consisted of general knowledge of the basics of electronics, calculation of values of electrical quantities, knowledge of reading and orientation in electronic schematics and completing a practical task in the school's professional classrooms. The competition task was to build, revive and measure a selected electric circuit, implemented with the help of a kit containing a circuit board, equipped with a non-soldering mask with drilled holes and a complete set of all components. Functional verification and specified electrical measurements were also included.

The next day, the students went to Foxconn, where they had another assignment - they had to build a working model of an aeroplane in a given time, which they could take home. They used their experience and knowledge of soldering to complete this task, and they had to be able to connect all the components correctly. They were evaluated not only by functionality but also by the quality and aesthetics of the design. The competitors worked in two groups, and therefore each student could visit the Service Centre and listen to an expert lecture by Jiří Myšička, Process Engineering Supervisor.

The winners of this year's competition were the students of VOŠ, SPŠ and JŠ Kutná Hora, who also symbolically received the challenge trophy.

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