The competition took place at the private DELTA Secondary School of Informatics and Economics, which also provided technology consultants in addition to the premises. The City Council provided the participants with datasets that were crucial to the assigned topic. Twelve teams competed in two categories, two of which came from Slovakia. In the DELTA category, seven teams competed and collaborated on preparing the datasets. In the Open category, five teams competed, consisting of students from the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering Pardubice, Gymnasium Dašická and the Slovak Tatra Academy. All students had the opportunity to try different technologies such as Python, React.js, JavaScript or Vue.js and gain new experience and knowledge.
How to make everyday life more pleasant for the residents of Pardubice? 41 young programmers asked this question. Those students participated in the programming hackathon - Funovation Hac22 - on the first weekend in October for the second time. Foxconn organised this 24-hour programming marathon in cooperation with the Pardubice City Council and the DELTA Secondary School of Informatics and Economics.

Which projects won?

The Draketa team won first place in the DELTA category with their idea for a mobile app for parking and anti-theft car monitoring. Second place went to a team called Team.devs and their idea for a mobile app for finding doctors. A safety map for pedestrians and cyclists earned the Sklik issue team third place. In the Open category, the first place went to the team NullPointerException from the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering Pardubice with their idea of navigation for free parking spaces. The second place went to the Service team, also from the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering Pardubice, with a map display of registered offences. Team of anonymous programmers from Tatranská Akadémie with navigation to search for free parking spaces won the third place.

Cooperation with schools

Foxconn has been cooperating with the students since last year. "Last year, for the first time, we included students in our traditional Funovation week event, and they pleasantly surprised Foxconn management with their projects. We want to make a tradition of organising programming hackathons in Pardubice. Foxconn is part of Pardubice and tries to support innovative solutions that Pardubice students can bring to the city. One of the other activities of the Funovation platform is the IT conference Funovation Con22 for students and the general public, where we wanted to show the participants how important innovation is in this area," explains Radek Cerman, Head of Developers at the Software Delivery Department of Foxconn Czech Republic.

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