People inside the company know that the technological capabilities of Foxconn and SafeDX are second to none. But do the technical talents know that? That is why we feel the need to broaden the horizons of potential candidates for employment in our technology divisions. This year’s main theme for the Funovation platform was “Leveraging Supercomputers”. It was in the spirit of commemorating an anniversary: the first anniversary of the launch of supercomputers for HPE at our Kutná Hora plant.

How it all started

We kicked it off with a spring technological challenge, the Funovation Challenge, which served as a qualifier for the autumn Hackathon. The Funovation Challenge was dominated by a team called “The Team Who Asked” from the Secondary School of Applied Cybernetics from Hradec Králové. Its students came up with an inventive idea to use supercomputers in the field of education. The challenge was followed by the Funovation Hac23 programming hackathon that took place on 10th and 11th November 2023 in the BeFit Café. Eight high schools and universities participated in the challenge.

The jury selected three best projects out of nine:

1. SeyGax Team from the Delta Secondary School of Computer Science and Economics with a project on using artificial intelligence for video processing.

2. MJ Square Team from the Higher Vocational School and Secondary School of Industry from Kutná Hora with a project on the use of artificial intelligence in IT consulting.

3. Team Micinky from the Faculty of Informatics and Management from the University of Hradec Králové with the project Smart Doctor Using AI.

How it all ended

The winners were announced on 23rd November 2023 at the Funovation Con23 technology conference in the Auditorium of the Pardubice University. This also marked the end of the sixth year of the Funovation platform programme. For all the participants, award winners and others, it was rewarding just to know who had contributed to the conference programme. In collaboration with SafeDX, it was primarily the major technology partners: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco, AlefNula, and VMware. An insight into the behind-the-scenes of computer game design was provided by the artistic illustrator Adolf Lachman from the leading Czech game studio Amanita Design, who received a standing ovation from all participants at the end of the conference.

Figures, facts, advice for the future

The whole event was attended by 450 IT lovers from students to the general public and the university auditorium was bursting at the seams. They all listened with interest to lectures on how supercomputers are made, how they are implemented and what they are used for. Meanwhile, there were workshops focused on the mentioned technologies with practical demonstrations in the auditorium. As the icing on the cake, with the support of our HR department, we showed the students how to work professionally with their LinkedIn profiles in order to make the best possible impact on the job market in the future. We also offered them the opportunity to have their CVs double-checked and to try the mock interview, which will definitely come in handy in practice. We must not forget the quick and relaxed moderator Petra Beránková from Czech Radio, who accompanied us throughout the programme. Have a look at the most interesting moments from this year’s event in the pictures.

Radek Cerman, SWD

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