The awarding has a ten-year tradition in the Pardubice Region. Historically, the first awarding took place in 2011. So far, 161 volunteers, 79 non-profit organizations and 110 socially responsible companies have been awarded. The annual announcement highlights the exceptional and meritorious activities of both individuals and non-profit organizations, as well as the support of the non-profit sector and volunteering by responsible companies.

The tenth annual Gala Evening was originally scheduled for early December 2020, but could not take place due to anti-coronavirus measures. Therefore, it was postponed until the coronavirus calmed down. The ceremonial announcement and the handing over of awards took place on Tuesday, 15th June 2021 in the U LVA Restaurant in Pardubice.

The awarded ones were selected from the nominations received by an independent committee composed of representatives of the non-profit, business and public sectors. Every year, the committee is appointed by the city councillor of the Pardubice Region Pavel Šotola, responsible for social care and the non-profit sector. He took over the patronage of the event. Together with the Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Miluša Horská.

In 2020, Foxconn helped many organizations in both regions where it operates (Pardubice and Kutná Hora). Its community support in the Pardubice region alone exceeded CZK 2.2 million and consisted mainly of financial and material assistance.

It will be possible to nominate for the award for 2021 again from September. The announcement at the gala evening will take place at the usual date, at the beginning of December. More information on awarding volunteers, non-profit organizations and companies can be found on the website

Foxconn Czech Republic Was Awarded for These Activities

As one of the first companies helped to people in the front line to fight the pandemic (e.g. by donating about 15,000 respirator or 2,000 hand-sewn face masks, providing snacks to rescuers during times of emergency or financial assistance to the city of Pardubice to buy tablets for seniors in social facilities). Foxconn also donated 13 functional laptops and 10 sets of IT equipment to non-profit organizations in Pardubice Region to help children from disadvantaged families. To support the integration of children of foreigners it donated CZK 300,000 to cover the costs of an assistant, donated CZK 180,000 to six selected primary schools to purchase equipment for better integration of foreign children and employees from Mongolia donated approximately 140 Mongolian books, which helped to open the Mongolian Library for Pardubice Region.

To support volunteering in Pardubice Region, the company financed the creation of new website and and through the Burza filantropie supported 5 projects in the total amount of CZK 55,000. Some employees participated in volunteering in their free time (e.g. in the form of teaching the Czech language to children of foreigners), the company launched a new volunteering policy, which will allow employees to participate in volunteering during working hours. Foxconn employees made Christmas more pleasant for children from the Children’s Home in Pardubice by traditionally buying the gifts that the children wanted.

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