As members of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Foxconn is required not only to comply with rules set in the RBA Code of Conduct, but also spread them throughout the company’s supply chain. During RBA audits, which are conducted by an external company, compliance with local legislation and RBA rules is verified, which are sometimes strict-er and thus better protect the safety and rights of the company’s employees. Four areas are inspected – labour law, safety at work, environmental protection and ethics. At the same time, these areas must be covered by a functioning management system. The internal documentation and functioning of the processes in practice are checked through inspections of operations and interviews with management representatives and employ-ees.
Both audits confirmed that Foxconn’s internal policies and practices are at a great level and that the efforts of the company employees to continually improve are paying off.

In July, an RBA audit took place in Kutná Hora plant and the result was very good. The team of auditors included in the final report only one finding from hostels regarding the fire protection, which gave us 194 out of possible 200 points. Corrective actions was taken immediately with the operators of accommodation. The Pardubice RBA audit followed in August and the result was fantastic – the company’s rating reached the full number of points and thus got the platinum medal.

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