Just like last year, our company became the main partner of the Foxconn Cup young electronics competition, which took place on 4th - 5th April, 2023 in Kutná Hora in collaboration with the Secondary Technical School of Crafts and Trades in Kutná Hora. This year marked the fourth edition of the competition. Part of the event again took place in the premises of Foxconn, where we prepared an interesting task for the competitors - to assemble an LED gaming cube that responds to shaking.

On the first day, the competitors had to pass a knowledge test and complete a practical task, which was to build digital clocks with an alarm and a thermometer.

The following day, the students moved to the premises of Foxconn, where another task awaited them - to assemble a functional model of an LED gaming cube. The functionality, quality and aesthetics of the design were evaluated. The competitors worked in two groups, so that each student could visit the Service Centre and listen to an expert lecture given by Jiří Myšička, Process Engineering Supervisor, when they were not currently fulfilling the task.

The overall winners of this year's competition were announced to be the students of the Secondary Technical School of Crafts and Trades in Kutná Hora. The trophy will therefore remain at the school's premises for the first time in the entire history of the competition. All participants took away not only a lot of new experiences and knowledge from the event, but also valuable prizes.

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