The aim of this event was to practice the cooperative operation of the IRS units during rescue activities at an emergency in a large facility of a private company, to verify the procedure, tactics and effectiveness of the company's regime measures as well as the interaction of local fire patrols, fire protection units with other IRS units in the search, treatment of the injured and their subsequent transport. Foxconn Czech Republic provided its production facilities for this exercise, where the emergency is currently being simulated. The sound and visual effect of the emergency was used as a trigger for the exercise, and company employees participated as mannequins for the simulated injuries.
"The tactical exercise of all the IRS units in our company will help us to practice the reactions and behaviour of employees in a simulated but very realistic emergency and will give us a chance to identify possible opportunities for improvement and thus prevent damage to property or health of employees and IRS members in the future," said Pavel Kožený, Head of Communication and PR at Foxconn Czech Republic, about the exercise, which was planned six months in advance, adding: "This is a great test of the preparedness of all IRS units and our entire company. The exercise gives the members of the IRS a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with our facility."

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