In May we celebrated Easter with our Romanian colleagues

Easter in Romania is a kaleidoscope of colourful traditions and fascinating rituals. The game of tapping, where children beat eggs against each other, is not just a game; it is a symbol of new life and strength. Dyeing eggs is one of the cornerstones of Easter celebrations. Each decorative detail on an egg has a deep meaning - for example, the vertical line represents life, while the spiral evokes eternity. Romanian tradition also includes a candle ritual that adds a special light and mysticism to Easter. People light candles in church and bring them home, believing that they are bringing protection and light into their homes. Easter in Romania is therefore much more than a mere tradition; it is a solemn celebration of a connection with heritage, nature and profound symbols that illuminate the path to new beginnings and strength.

Other language versions of the recipe here:

Czechpdf328.60 KB
Russianpdf305.25 KB
Mongolianpdf288.81 KB
Englishpdf295.27 KB
Polishpdf320.63 KB
Ukrainianpdf304.89 KB
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